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Diet Tips


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The factors that determine the diet, and therefore the way to eat, are diversified and related to lifestyle. They are educational, cultural, economic, environmental, social, genetic, etc.

A European survey (source: A Pan-EU survey of consumer attitudes to food, nutrition and health, Report number one,
29 p., Institute of European Food Studies, 1996) advances the following factors:
• 74% of respondents believe that they eat healthy foods and do not need to change (in fact, they are not aware that their diet is not optimal)
• irregular working hours (35%)
• an unbridled way of life (34%)
• 25% of respondents believe that a healthy diet is synonymous with a deterioration of taste
• lack of will (22%)
• the influence of family and others (20%)
• the price (16%)
• insufficient availability and lack of knowledge.

In Belgium too, the phenomenon and the consequences of “junk food” are of growing concern. As proof, the competent authorities are developing the National Health Nutrition Plan.
In addition to the causes of an unhealthy or unbalanced diet, it is still necessary to be aware of it and adapt it little by little.
behavior. Promoting healthy eating and encouraging the practice of physical activity the entire society – authorities, doctors, workplaces, hospitals, schools, sports clubs, individuals, etc.