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Are noodles fattening?

Noodles :

Noodles are precooked, instant noodles that are considered to be somewhat inexpensive, and people eat them in abundance around the world, as the number of servings of noodles consumed around the world reached about 97 billion servings in 2015, and flour, salt, and palm oil are among the most important ingredients of them. Typically, small flavor packages contain spices, salt, and MSG.

Nutritional facts about noodles :

Noodles are low in calories, fiber, and protein, but they contain sodium, fats, and carbohydrates in high proportions. The following table details the quantities contained in one serving of noodles:
– Calories 188 kcal
– carbohydrate 27 grams
– fat 7 grams
– saturated fat 3 grams
– protein 4 grams
– fiber 0.9 grams
– sodium 861 mg
– thiamine (vitamin B1) 43% of the recommended daily value (RDA)
– folate 12% of the recommended daily value
– Manganese 11% of the recommended daily value,
– iron 10% of the recommended daily value,
– niacin (vitamin B3) 9% of the recommended daily value,
– riboflavin (vitamin B2) 7% of the recommended daily value,

Instant noodles are a low-calorie type of pasta If we compare it to others, such as lasagna, for example, one serving of which contains 377 calories, hence the thought of relying on it to lose weight, but its low protein and fiber content – which enhances the feeling of satiety – did not make it the best option.

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