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5 benefits you probably don’t know about Daily naps

Tips For A Better Nap

  • Nap In The Afternoon :
    The early afternoon seems to be the best time to nap.
    It’s about the midway point in the day, and it’s usually after you’ve had something to eat.
    Napping too late in the afternoon can mess up your night’s sleep, and napping too early might not get you to last the rest of the day.
  • Set A Timer :
    Depending on your needs, a nap can range from five to 45 minutes, but it seems most people don’t like a 30-minute nap.
    Experiment with different times until you find one that makes you feel best.
    A timer will also help you get up on time to finish your day.
  • Choose Optimal Conditions :
    The best place to take a nap is in a cool, dim area. It shouldn’t be too dark or you’ll fall into a deep sleep.
    It’s also easier to sleep in a place that’s slightly cooler, using a blanket to keep out too much chill.
    It’s also a good idea to keep your head elevated, like on the arm of a couch.
  • Get Plenty of Sleep :
    Sleep is not a luxury. It’s just as necessary to your health as food and water, but most people still don’t get enough of it. Consider this statistic:
    48 percent of Americans say they feel sleep deprived — but only 34 percent nap regularly.
    So maybe we need to rethink how we sleep. Let’s bring back nap time!
  • Have Nap Accessories :
    You’ll need your cell phone or a timer to set your alarm, a cup of coffee or tea to drink before the nap, and a sleep mask if you’re napping in a bright area. You can also grab a pencil.
    Set your timer and drink your coffee or tea. The caffeine will kick in after you wake up and you’ll be ready to go.
    Some people also nap with a pencil between their fingers. Your fingers will slowly relax, and you’ll wake when the pencil hits the floor.
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So there you have it! There’s nothing wrong with napping, and it certainly doesn’t make you lazy.
If you’ve been feeling stressed or anxious, take some time during the day to take a quick nap, even just 10 minutes.
You might notice yourself feeling more energized and relaxed — and maybe a lot happier.

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