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Diet Tips

What to eat (The food Piramide)

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In the upper part of the food pyramid is the category “water”.
Drinking water is especially important to maintain your balance of fluids and therefore receives a place apart in the upper part.
The food pyramid itself is divided into three categories. The colors of the different parts correspond to the effects of food on your health.

Dark green

These are foods of plant origin, with a favorable effect on health: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and potatoes, but also legumes, nuts and seeds and seeds.
vegetable oils (and other fats high in unsaturated fats). Try as much as you can to opt for the little or no version.

Light green

These are foods of animal origin with a favorable, neutral or insufficiently proven effect on health: fish, yogurt, milk, cheese, poultry, and eggs. Here too, opt for the variant
little or no transformation.


These are foods of animal or vegetable origin that can have a negative effect on health: red meat, butter, coconut oil and palm (fat rich in saturated fat). These
products still contain some interesting nutrients, such as iron in red meat.

Red: category outside the pyramid

These are highly processed products to which a lot of sugar, fat and / or salt has been added and which is proven to be bad for your health. They can be of animal or vegetable origin:
Prepared meats, refreshing drinks, alcohol, sweets, pastries, snacks, fastfood, etc.
These products are superfluous in a healthy food mode. It is best to drink and eat it rarely and in small quantities.

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