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10 healthy living tips

What is better to eat?

1) Take the vegetable products as the basis of each meal.

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Plant foods that are not or little processed are the best for your health. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Fill with nuts and vegetable oil in small quantities.

2) Limit products of animal origin.

You must not remove meat, cheese, and other animal products from your menu, smaller portions are sufficient. Alternate red meat, fish, poultry, and vegetable protein sources such as legumes or tofu.

3) Drink mostly water.

Water is the best drink to hydrate you.
Do you want to change? Go for tea or coffee without sugar.

4) Limit processed products as much as possible.

The processed products may be very delicious but certainly not an added value for your organization. These products often contain a lot of white flour, sugar, fat, salt or alcohol.

How to do?

5) Vary and look for alternatives.

Eating each day the same thing quickly becomes boring and monotonous. Play with your healthy eating pattern. For example, eat different seasonal vegetables each day or replace white bread with wholemeal bread.

6) Eat at fixed times and with others.

Interpose fixed table hours and avoid too much nibbling. Also, try to eat with others: it helps you to moderate yourself. Especially for families: As a parent, you need to set a good example for your child.

7) Eat consciously and in moderation.

Learn more about your “feeling of satiety”: know when you are hungry or when you are satisfied. Sit down at the table, eat slowly and enjoy.

8) Adapt to your environment.

Plan your environment so that the healthy choice is at your fingertips. For example, place fruits in the kitchen and do not keep cookies in your car or office. Prepare for “emergency cases”: put a portion of soup in the freezer for days when you have less time. And carry a small bag of nuts in your bag, so that candy dispensers or snacks do not tempt you.

9) Go gradually.

A small improvement is already a step forward.
Above all, make sure you reach your goal. For example, start with one fruit a day. Do you like it and become a habit?
Try to move on to the next step. And do not give up when you have a drop in motivation – it even happens to the best!
Need help? Anticipate can help you. For example, set the menu of the week and make a shopping list.

10) Enjoy what you eat!

Indulge yourself every day with healthy and delicious food. And reward yourself from time to time with a little less healthy gap.
Stay aware of the frequency (not too often) and the size of the portions (not too much). Find the right balance between caring for your body and enjoying.