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20 questions to check if you eat healthily

  1. Do you ever miss breakfast?
  2. Are you the type to eat all the leftovers?
  3. Will you dig into the fridge in case of stress and strong emotions?
  4. If you see other people eating, do you want to eat something (even if you are not hungry)?
  5. Do you buy prepared meals?
  6. Do you ever serve yourself simply because you feel like it and not because you’re still hungry?
  7. Do you drink refreshing drinks rich in sugar and/or alcohol during the day or in the evening?
  8. Do you compliment your sauce meals?
  9. Do you eat a little cheese every day?
  10. Do you buy gray or full bread?
  11. Do you drink 1.5 liters of water a day?
  12. Do you resist the urge to buy something good when you go to the bakery or snack bar?
  13. Do you eat fresh fruit every day?
  14. Do you eat a portion of vegetables every day (300 g)?
  15. Do you regularly replace meat with fish?
  16. Do you prefer low-fat products?
  17. Do you like to vary your diet and apply this principle?
  18. Do you drink 3 glasses of milk every day or do you eat dairy products?
  19. Do you read the nutrition information on packaging?
  20. Do you exercise enough (low intensity most of the day and moderate to high intensity more)?