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Recipes Tips

Cook Well, cook healthy

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A balanced diet is not enough. Still, it is necessary to prepare it in all lightness.
Various methods limit fat intake and maintain the vitamin and mineral content of foods while reducing cooking time. A delight!
Every day, do not hesitate to vary both the food and their method of preparation, it also stimulates the taste buds.

The pressure pot

It allows you to simultaneously cook several foods without fat and … at full speed. This type of cooking is recommended for meats, vegetables, potatoes.

The steamed kitchen

Whether at the pan or by means of a “steamer”, it allows a cooking without fat while being very tasty. It preserves the mineral salts and vitamins of food. To recommend for fish, vegetables, rice.

The kitchen in foil

Ideal for fish, it is packed (with herbs and / or a julienne of vegetables) in an aluminum foil then baked. The potatoes “in a dress of the fields” (cooked with the skin) are also dietary.

Cooking with stew

It allows you to cook using a small amount of fat.
The meat is just “colored” and then wet with the bottom of the water (and vegetables).
The preparation simmers and absorbs flavors. Ideal for preparing a good firepot.

The microwave oven

The microwave oven reduces cooking time while preserving mineral salts and vitamins.

Non-stick frying pan/wok

It reduces the amount of fat to a minimum. The wok can cook several foods simultaneously (in large quantities) and gives pride of place to vegetables. The cooking at the wok is
synonymous with healthy and friendly cuisine.

The barbecues

The meat is cooked without fat (or possibly marinated with herbs). Grilling meat and fish can be done with an electric device or on the barbecue, during the beautiful days.
Beware then carbonized meats, carcinogenic.