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Cooking is cheaper

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Cooking cheaper starts with shopping properly. In order not to buy unnecessary, do your shopping with a shopping list, based on the menus of the next days. To avoid falling into the trap of false promotions, you are also accustomed to comparing the price of products, referring to the price per kilo (per liter) and not to the unit.
Go to the supermarket full belly. You will be less tempted by compulsive shopping.
Prefer seasonal products and opt for raw products. Not only are they more affordable, but they also have better nutritional and taste quality.
Unprepared frozen foods (eg peas, …), as well as canned goods (eg peeled tomatoes, etc.), can be an alternative, especially for off-season products.
Canned fish is also recommended choices especially for canned sardines, mackerel, …


Opt for the “homemade”. Cooking is the best way to eat healthy and cheap. For this, you must plan your meals in advance, shop accordingly and if necessary incorporate the remains of the previous day. Also, try to prepare portions adapted to the number of guests, this avoids waste. If however, you have leftovers, these can, for example, be used for the preparation of soups, gratins, quiches, pies …
Sometimes, preparing a large quantity of food (eg soup, tomato sauce, stews, …) is more economical than cooking in small portions. Remember to freeze additional portions immediately after cooling the cooked dish.
Finally, save energy by putting the lid on the pans when you boil water and use pans and pans to the diameter of your plates. Depending on the type of your stove, it is often interesting to cut the energy a little early, the plates continue to heat up.