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Diet Tips

What governments can do about healthy eating

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Governments have a key role to play in ensuring that everyone has a healthy diet to be healthy and lead an active life. Their action revolves around five major axes:

  1. Governments need to enact laws or programs to improve nutrition in their country and ensure that everyone (especially those who need it most, such as children and expectant mothers) know how to eat healthily and can to buy the right foods. It can make all the difference.
  2. They must also help and encourage farmers to grow food while respecting the planet. So, everyone is happy: the planet, the food and you!
  3. Controlling food for sale more severely is another way governments can ensure a nutritious diet for all. Food must be healthy,
    nutritious and clearly labeled. Because if you have healthy alternatives and understand the calorie content and the number of fats, sugars, and salt in a product, you can make healthier choices.
  4. Another way for governments to act is to invest in educating young people and children about healthy eating.
  5. And finally, governments must support research efforts and fund more projects to improve or invent technologies that can help farmers.