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Diet Tips

Good advice can never be repeated

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When it comes to food, good advice can never be repeated.
Here are a few.
Vary your diet: lots of fruits and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, muesli, etc.) at every meal. When buying food, think about varied and fresh. Prefer them seasonal fruits and vegetables and convenience products, generally less expensive.

Eat less and less fat: Eat smaller portions, reduce the number of certain foods – mainly fats (hidden or not) and sugar – but eliminate none.
Beware of fast, miraculous diets that waste a lot of water, but low in fat, meal replacements and other lighter products that are often sweeter!

Eat regularly: do not skip any meals (especially breakfast), eat seated at the table, slowly (chew well), without watching television, preferably at fixed times. Avoid untimely snacking between meals and/or in front of the television.

Enjoy eating alone or with your family: avoid the “I do not like” which means “I do not know and I’m afraid to try”. Explore new flavors Invite your child to cook together, let him express his opinion and listen to him. Try to make family meals a friendly event.
Take time!

Do not give in to the trap of ease: sweet bars, ready meals, pizzas, and other fast food are tempting if you are in a hurry and/or tired but they are usually very, if not too fat and sweet.

Drink enough: water, naturally, but also tea or coffee (no added sugar), broth, semi-skimmed milk. Drink several times a day and more during hot weather or during physical activity.

Moderate your alcohol consumption:
alcohol contains a lot of sugars quickly assimilated by the body.
• Do not smoke: tobacco reduces appetite and nutrient intake, and promotes fat adherence to the walls of arteries and vessels. Even passive, smoking is harmful.

Move to eliminate calories and stress. Healthy eating with daily physical activity is the winning duo of a healthy life!

Get enough sleep: sleep allows the body to recover (fatigue, stress, effort) and promotes digestion.
Children who sleep enough usually eat better and less.

Regularly monitor your weight and that of your child: the weight depends on a lot of factors (age, sex, height) but an excess of weight favors the appearance of diseases. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

• Before starting a diet, medication or cholesterol-lowering foods, seek the advice of your doctor or dietitian.

Are you convinced of the benefits of a healthy diet? There is no point in changing your lifestyle overnight: gradually change your habits, it’s easier to manage. It’s more motivating and more beneficial in the long run.

Eat healthily, without excess or deprivation, respecting the daily recommended contributions and experiencing pleasure …
it’s possible. And for all.
Parents to show a good example to their children!