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Diet Tips

What the private sector can do about Healthy Eating

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First and foremost, the private sector is a word that includes all kinds of companies: companies of all sizes that sell services or products, whether they are insurance or advertising, televisions or toys, and so on. The food sector includes businesses such as bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, large agribusiness firms and any business related to agriculture and food. The private sector has the power to really make a difference by changing the way companies manufacture products. Here are some examples:

  1. Companies and companies that produce, manufacture or sell food must offer a range of safe and nutritious foods that help us to have a healthy diet. It means creating new nutritious products by having at heart the consumer health and set limits on the number of fats, sugars and salt in existing food products.
  2. Companies must stop using cartoons, popular characters and advertising to make children and youth believe that foods high in fat, sugar or salt are good for them. They should promote nutritious foods that help them grow and become stronger.
  3. Food companies need to start providing clear labeling information so that people can understand and make healthy choices.
    Have you ever tried to decipher a food label? They are full of weird words and it’s hard to understand if it’s nutritious or not, do you agree?
  4. The private sector should stop using misleading language! The mere fact that a package of cookies displays “high fiber” (good for health) does not mean that it is not as “rich in” fats or sugars …