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Diet well-being

Hypertension problems and solutions

The dangers of hypertension :

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Too high blood pressure damages your arteries and the organs they supply, including your heart, kidneys, brain and eyes.
It is therefore an important factor in coronary artery disease (disease of the arteries that supply blood to the heart), cerebrovascular accident (stroke), heart failure, kidney failure and blindness (going blind) because of the small arteries “Fart” in your eyes, in your brain, in your kidneys.
This is why too much pressure in your arteries is life threatening.
In addition, high blood pressure can give you headaches and make you feel unwell.
If you have high blood pressure, or a loved one has high blood pressure, then it is important that you read the following.

Treat high blood pressure :

Quand on craint un accident imminent dû à une tension vraiment trop élevée (plus de 160 mm de mercure), il peut être nécessaire de prendre des médicaments en urgence pour faire baisser la pression, surtout quand votre médecin constate déjà des dommages sur vos organes.
Il faut alors d’urgence arrêter les dégâts, en attendant que se fassent sentir les effets d’un changement de mode de vie.

Here are the medications your doctor has available :

Diuretics: These are drugs that make you urinate. As you pass urine, you reduce the amount of water you have in your veins, and therefore your blood volume. It lowers blood pressure. Diuretics also drive sodium out of your body (which comes mostly from table salt), which is a good thing because sodium holds water. The problem is that diuretics also remove potassium and magnesium. However, these minerals are useful, in particular magnesium which has the virtue of relaxing the muscles of the arteries and therefore lowering blood pressure. Abusing diuretics can therefore have the exact opposite effect from that sought.

Beta blockers: These are drugs that block the effect of adrenaline, which also has a relaxing effect on the arteries. Unfortunately, their side effects are numerous and can be very serious (acute lung edema, angina pectoris, nightmares).

Calcium channel blockers: these are drugs that dilate the arteries and lower blood pressure. They can cause headaches, edema and are a major cause of drug poisoning. Use with great caution.

ACE inhibitors and sartans: these drugs are better tolerated, but the former cause a painful cough, the latter was suspected in 2011 of causing cancer.

But don’t kid yourself :
Just taking blood pressure medication will not solve your underlying medical problem. On the contrary, it may make it worse because high blood pressure medicines work by disrupting your metabolism.
If you are taking medication for high blood pressure, you cannot stop it all at once. You must therefore consult your doctor.
Rarely, high blood pressure is caused by disease or a malfunction of the glands that manage your blood pressure. It is then necessary to identify and treat the cause.
But, with some exceptions, hypertension is not the result of a specific disease. It is caused by lifestyle issues and especially diet. This then means that it can also be corrected by changes in lifestyle and diet.

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