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Diet well-being

Hypertension problems and solutions

Important to keep your good resolutions :

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All of these changes can seem overwhelming and, often, you won’t feel the strength to make them. Hence the success of hypertension medications. Doctors know they have limited effectiveness and long-term dangers; patients realize that they are having side effects; researchers find that lifestyle changes are more effective.

But it’s so much easier to swallow pills. Mainly reimbursed by Social Security. And when you already have countless problems in life, professional frustrations, marital conflict, depression, you don’t feel capable of doing more.
This is why the most important thing, in order to last over time, is to start by doing work on yourself, which can be painful, to redefine your priorities and answer the big question: what is my goal in life?

It is only when you have an answer to this fundamental question that you will find the energy and motivation to make the necessary changes. You will be able to set a clear, motivating goal for yourself, and you will find within yourself the resources to adapt your lifestyle and your diet, which will get rid of your hypertension and allow you to return to a fulfilling life.

That’s why we try in this email newsletter to combine “recipe” articles that give you use natural health “tips” with more basic articles related to the meaning of life. This second category of articles is not necessarily the easiest to read, and it is not the one that has the greatest practical utility.
But it is she who, in the long run, will make the biggest difference, because it is there that everyone can draw strength to give themselves good reasons to keep their good resolutions.

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