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Diet well-being

Hypertension problems and solutions

Exercise: better than medicine :

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In addition, physical exercise is better than a “medicine” against hypertensionWhat Is the DASH Eating Plan?

  • Exercise: A drug-free approach to lowering high blood pressure
    It is more effective, and never toxic!
  • If you don’t exercise at all today, start with moderate efforts such as walking. If you are disabled, alternative methods, such as yoga and breathing exercises, can have very significant effects.
  • Choose a physical activity adapted to your climate and your tastes, inexpensive, and that can be practiced all year round: swimming pool, gymnasium, cycle path, stadium, riverside, beach, cycling, hiking …
    The minimum is to exercise 30 minutes a day, and do enough to manage to sweat a little.
  • Be careful not to injure your muscles or tendons, which would compromise any future physical activity. You may want to be accompanied by a physiotherapist or a rehabilitation professional if, at the slightest effort, your blood pressure soars and causes you to have agonizing palpitations.
    On the other hand, it is important to do a little better, a little longer, a little faster every day. The goal is to make physical progress, not just to move in order to move.

    Register in a weight room: strength exercises lower blood pressure but also have the advantage:
  • To (obviously) increase muscle mass, which is a source of proteins essential for the immune system, which will increase your resistance to infections and cancer;
  • Improve the resistance of the heart, which reduces your risk of dying or having serious effects if you have a heart attack;
  • To have a beneficial effect on your endothelium, the cells that line the inside of the arteries and allow blood to flow without clinging to them. It is an essential factor in preventing atherosclerosis;
  • And this of course reduces the risk of diabetes, overweight, and obesity.
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