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Diet well-being

Hypertension problems and solutions

Don’t get the wrong target :

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Usually, a person with high blood pressure will try to lower their blood pressure. It seems logical, simple.
But be careful: beyond the symptoms (which only exist for very high numbers in general and need to be relieved), the problem is not the blood pressure number itself. Who would think that you are sick with 140 and not with 130 anymore? This is obviously stupid! The problem is the way of life which leads to supposedly too high numbers.
Always remember that your goal is not to lower this or that measure, but to actually reduce your risk of disease, complication or death.
So the question to ask yourself is not: “Will what I am doing lower my blood pressure? “

But rather :
“Will what I’m doing reduce my risk of complications?” “
You will tell me that it is the same.
Well no, not always!
For example, reducing your salt intake doesn’t have a dramatic effect against high blood pressure. Excessive consumption of sodium (table salt) leads to functional changes in the kidneys after 10 years which no longer filter it as well. The sodium stays in your body and high blood pressure sets in. But it’s a very long process, and you won’t end it overnight by stopping eating salt. In fact, the researchers found that a very large increase in salt intake causes a slight increase in blood pressure, nothing more.
And yet, don’t be disappointed, we know that lowering salt intake will actually reduce your heart risk2.
Likewise, if you smoke, quitting smoking will not lower your blood pressure. And yet, quitting smoking will dramatically lower your risk of heart attacks, in addition to lowering your risk of cancer and many other diseases.
The same goes for alcohol: without having any dramatic effect on your hypertension, your heart risk will decrease by consuming alcohol in a moderate way (1 to 2 glasses of wine per day).
I’m going to tell you about the diet that lowers heart risk and high blood pressure. But first, you have to exercise.

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